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State Defense Force Publications Center



The State Defense Force (SDF) Publication Center is established to permit publication of material of interest and concern to the SDF or State Guard community and other interested organizations and individuals. 

SDFs represent a significant potential at the State level for providing trained personnel or forces who can, as a potential force multiplier, easily integrate with active and reserve component military forces in time of crisis as they share a common culture, rank structure, organization and regulatory procedures. They can play a large role in enhancing the ability of the State through planning, coordination and rehearsals during normalcy in order to bring effective organizations and their capabilities to bear in times of crisis, and in consequence and crisis management in dealing with the aftermath of a terrorist or subversive attack.

Accordingly, the SDF publications’ contents will focus on the use of SDF units in these roles.


Areas that may be addressed in SDF publications include, but will not be limited to homeland security, medical support, Community Emergency Response Teams, mission design and performance, organizational structure, emergency management center operation, damage assessment, protection of infrastructure and resources, ground search and rescue, highway and crowd assistance, volunteer youth groups for community service, and recruitment issues.