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The State Defense Force Publication Center (SDF PubCntr) is an electronic online-only open access publisher. The SDF PubCntr permits any user to download, print out, extract, archive and distribute information from this website, including all publications, as long as credit is given to the SDF PubCntr and its authors. All site content, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License

State Government Employees and All Others

As a condition of publication, contributors to the SDF PubCntr's SDF Journal or SDF Monograph Series and authors of articles selected for publication grant the SDF PubCntr a non-exclusive world-wide license to use, modify, publish and distribute their work. Authors retain copyright, but must agree to apply an open-access license which permits any user to download, print out, extract, archive and distribute their article with appropriate credits given to the author and the SDF PubCntr. This license ensures that articles will be made as widely available as possible. Please read about Creative Commons Attribution License the before submitting your paper.

The suggested citation format for articles is

Article Author(s). Article Title, State Defense Force Journal or State Defense Force Monograph Series, Vol.#, Issue#, Date, URL or DTIC Handle. Creative Commons Attribution License.

Federal Government Employees

Any work prepared by an officer or employee of the United States Government as part of that person's official duties is not eligible for copyright protection. However, these works are subject to agency public release review; authors are responsible for securing agency approval for "open publication." Articles will note: "Approved for Public Release. U.S.Government Work (17 USC §105) Not copyrighted in the U.S."

The Citation Format for these Articles is:

Article Author(s). "Article Title", State Defense Force Journal or State Defense Force Monograph Series, Vol. #, Issue #, Date, URL or DTIC Handle. U.S.Government Work (17 USC §105); Not copyrighted in the U.S.


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Open Archives Initiative (OAI)

DTIC content is provided in a format that allows third party harvesting by search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc) and others. For ease of access and reference, DTIC assigns handles (persistent unique identifiers/links) to digital documents added to their Collection

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