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State  Defense Force Publication Center

State  Defense Force Publication Center


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Board of Directors

Chairman - Major General Eli Wishart (SCSG-Ret)

Member - Major General Edward Atkeson, Ph.D. (USA-Ret)

Member - Major General Ronald Markarian (CASMR-Ret) 

Member -Major General Marshall Scantlin (TXSG-Ret)

Member - Colonel Martin Hershkowitz (MDDF-Ret)

Content Review Committee

Member - Kent Sieg, Ph.D.

Member - Colonel Robert Patterson (ALSDF-Ret)

Member - Lieutenant Colonel Theodore D. Mauro, Ph.D (SCSG)

Member- Captain James Eder (MDDF)

Member - Chief Warrant Officer 2 Marc Yablonka (CASMR)

Special Editorial Advisors

Colonel William Witham, Jr., J.D. (AUS-Ret)

Editorial Staff

Editor - Major Ira Salom, M.D. (NYSG)

Associate Editor, Homeland Security - Colonel Martin Hershkowitz (MDDF-Ret)

Associate Editor, Medical Support - Colonel James Greenstone, Ed.D., J.D. (TXSG)

Associate Editor, Military Emergency Management - Lieutenant Colonel George Heart (WASG)

Associate Editor, Mission and Training - (vacant)

Associate Editor, Organization and Recruitment - (vacant)

Associate Editor, Innovative Programs - Colonel Wayne Nelson, Ph.D. (MDDF)

Assistant Editor - Chief Petty Officer David Skocik (USNR-Ret)

Media Manager - Chief Warrant Officer 3 Lawrence Wood  (ASDF-Ret)

Graphic Artist - First Lieutenant Finn Rye (ASDF-Ret)

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Major Ira Salom, M.D., Editor, SDF PubCntr   


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P.O. Box 1710
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